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~Kirei na Yozora~

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This is just another icon journal owned by an ordinary girl. Actually,
this is my first graphics journal, so don`t expect to see something that good here.
I`ll be posting mostly anime/manga icons or other graphics if I feel like
making them. Feel free to look around and take anything you like. If you take
something, credits via keywords or comments for your userpics will be nice,
but I won`t be mad or something if you don`t credit me. However please
don`t say anything I`ve made is yours and don`t post my icons anywhere
without my permission. Coments will be appreciated highly, because I want
to know other peoples` opinion, and I will be really happy if I see that
someone actually likes the graphics I`ve done. That`s basically all
you need to know about this journal.^^

About me
My real name is Dessy. It may sound a bit strange for people, who
don`t live in my country. All my friends call me so and I`m used to that
name, although I don`t really like it. I`ll be more happy to be called just
Maya-chan and the name is common ever here, so if I could choose
a name it will be Maya. I`m from Bulgaria, a small country in Europe,
with beautiful nature and nothing interesting to do. I`m still studying English
and that`s why I may sound a bit weird. If I make any mistakes, or if something
I`ve said makes no sense please tell me^^ My biggest obsession is anime.
It has totally taken over my world for more than a year. Unlike most people,
I`m not really interested in music. I mean I don`t know that much things about
the bands or signers I listen to, but even I can totally fall in love with a
certain song or band. I listen to j-pop and a bit j-rock.

Part of the html for this layouts was taken from Ljlayouts
and the the other part, the header and background are made by me.^-^.
Features Simka from the manga series Air Gear


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