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Air Gear, Naruto icons & more graphics

Finally I have time to update, I`ve traveled a lot recently and didn`t have much time to make graphics.
A few things to say as I usually do:
~There are some really strange a useless things in this post, but oh well..I decided to show them to you and pray you like them^^
~The Air Gear Simka banner is my current header, but anyone can use it as he pleases. The Air Gear Agito & Akito banner was originaly a header, but it`s 800x600, so it can be used as a wall. The extracted and colored images can be used as you please as well.
~That`s all. I hope you like them..Comments and credits are appreciated.^^
Here is a list of them all:
Icons x 22
[Air Gear] x 18
[Naruto] x 4
Walls + FO banners + Headers
[Arina Tanemura works] x 2
[Ouran Host Club] x 1
[Card Captor Sakura] x 1
Wallpapers + some other goodies
[Air Gear] x 2
Banners + some other goodies
[Air Gear] x 1
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Tags: air gear, arina tanemura works, card captor sakura, clamp, colored images, extracted images, fo banners, headers, naruto, ouran host club, wallpapers
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Taking a few Air Gear icons and the bannery things. =3

Will credit.
I`m glad you liked them^^
not taking anything, but gorgeous work indeed
Thanks :)
Taking the Ouran wall, thank you! ^_^
Ihi, I love Haruhi and Tamaki. You`re welcome^^
*___* Awesome stuff you have here!

Borrow the Ouran things (LOVE that picture! <33) Will credit if use!
I love it too. Thanks very much for the compliment^^
yay Ouran madness~!
Ouran ownz :P
Took the TamakixHaruhi wallpaper - will credit if used. Kawaii!!!!! XD
Thank you~ :D
I really like the icon with Ringo and Ren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥
The Sakura's wall are cute too!♥
I made a Ringo icon even if I don`t like her, so I`m glad you liked it. Thank you^^
OMG! those are LOVE! Taking all wallpapers!! I love them! and YAY! Tamaki and Haruhi XD
Thank you very very much. Whee~
I love your Air Gear icons and the Simce wallpaper. Snagging some and will give credit whenever I use them.
I`m so glad you like them^^
That Haruhi x Tamaki wallpaper is so cute! :D I'm totally using that!
Arigato :D


9 years ago

Uwaa~ lovely icons & wallie!! ^^ Taking some, will credit if used~
These are all beautiful! I took several headers (and not only from this post =P) and probably use an ouran host club one very soon! Will surely credit! Thank you! =D
Taking Kyoko and Full Moon walls. Will credit if used.
Суууууупер готини са ^^ Браво браво ^^
wow..they are so great
Taking the CCS wallpaper ^-^ and some icons =)
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